Sony Cam Control Widget

You can use this Widget on the lock screen of your smartphone (you don't need to unlock the smartphone and then start the Widget) and take pictures and record videos at the right moment!

Finally you can take pictures and record videos with your Sony camera using your Smartphone device as a remote control and review the pictures on the smartphone screen! This widget app allows you to use your Smartphone device for:

1.Taking pictures with your action cam and looking at tooken Picture in the widget (in this way you can finally see the picture you’ve just taken and decide if it’s good enough or if you want to take another one)

2.Recording videos with your cam on a very simple way, by just tapping on a button on your widget.

3. With this widget you are able to take pictures and record videos from the lock screen of your smartphone. You don't need to unlock, just press the power button and shoot your photo.

This app supports different kinds of sony cameras (which are compatible with the camera remote API). You can find a full list of the supported devices here:

Your camera devices should have a WiFi support and in order to use the app, you need to connect the smartphone to the WiFi network of the Sony Cam first. Just turn the WiFi hotspot on your camera and connect the smartphone to this network (For more information about the connection, please refer to the cam manual provided by Sony).

This app was developed and tested on a Sony Action Cam HDR AS30 with a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 Devices

Currently, following models are supported:

  • Sony HDR-AS15 (latest firmware update needed)
  • Sony HDR-AS30
  • Sony HDR-AS100
  • Sony HDR-MV1
  • Sony A7R
  • Sony A7
  • Sony NEX-6
  • Sony NEX-5R
  • Sony NEX-5T
  • Sony A5000
  • Sony A6000
  • Sony DSC-HX60
  • Sony DSC-HX400
  • Sony DSC-QX100
  • Sony DSC-QX10

On the Smartphone: You have several options on the widget app:

1.Connect to the Sony Camera

2.Switch to Picture Mode - you are now able to take pictures

2.1. In Picture mode you are able to switch on and switch off the picture review. If the option is switched on, you will see the photos you've just have taken in the widget. By clicking on the photo, it will be closed.

3.Switch to Video Mode - you are now able to record a video.

That’s all! :-)

Explaining the use of permissions: This app needs only INTERNET Permission rights, in order to connect to the Sony camera by it’s WiFi network..

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